Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Cruise with Star Cruise Superstar Virgo to Singapore

After one moth vacation, here am writing experience cruise holiday with star cruise superstar Virgo to Singapore. Read about my high sea cruise click here,  first time visiting Singapore and yes, I'm excited to share my journey with you.

     My ocean view  balcony stateroom ... Though the room is not larger but good to stay for two nights.

                            This is the dishes i was eating, simply superb, not bed  but I like.

                                                  Porridge and Dim for breakfast.

                                               off to Singapore (taking photo of bus)

It's  very common to see around the Singapore. It's looking like some events or festival ongoing.. Haha, all credit to give my smart camera.

                 The only place to visit in Singapore  Food playground and National Orchid garden.

                           Shops in China street market in Singapore

                                Tourist most visit Sri Mariamman Temple in Singapore

And here end of my 2 nights cruise to Singapore with star Virgo.;  taken this photos to remember my vacation when I will get free time.

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