Sunday, 2 February 2014

Penang Escape: One Night SuperStar Libra Penang Cruise

Wonderful escape with one night Superstar Libra Penang cruise just for Rs.3105 instead of Rs.3555.

Right time came to make Penang trip memorable and wonderful when you on ship. Not hesitate to experience something which you never before starting from strolls around the stunning Georgetown city and the beach Ferringhi. Enjoy all luxurious activities in one night Superstar Libra with Star Cruises with buffet & delicious one dinner and breakfast.

Never forget to take dinner throughout sun sets because you can watch the amazing scenery from the deck or spend time to enjoy the Myriad entertaining in the ship. Also don't forget to carry high definition digital camera to catch the stunning scenery of twinkling stars with lights of Penang. Relax on smooth air and feel the smooth touch when ocean's spray touch your skin.

By booking Penang cruise at Dpauls you can get all convenience and luxury comfort, designed with all modern amenities ensuring relaxation and comfort.


> 1 Night on star cruise
> 1 Night dinner at SuperStar Libra cruise
> Breakfast
> Great place to escape your stress

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