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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Top 5 International Holiday Destinations to Visit in March 

Are you waiting to pack your bag and go off on a jaunt? If you are keen to explore some of the international destinations, you have to find out the weather conditions as they differ in various regions across the globe. You can prefer to choose places that are located in the five continents but make sure that you have checked the weather thoroughly for making preparations accordingly. For an ardent and passionate traveler, weather is much less than an impediment when it comes to exploring new destinations in the month of March. Converting your dreams into reality can be the easiest thing once you enjoy these five luxurious travel destinations in different corners of the globe.

1. Barcelona, Spain

This is one of the most climate haven destinations for tourists as it is close to the sea and influenced by its presence. The annual average temperature of the city remains at 16 degrees Celsius and the tourists have always been effusive about the weather of this place which is located at the European subcontinent. The world famous museums and the pristine beaches in this city makes it an ideal destination that you can visit in the month of March as the weather is not too chilly or hot. While the calm waters of Concha Beach captivate your mind, the Ondaretta Beach is perfect for enjoying with family.

2. Colombo, Sri Lanka

The capital city of Sri Lanka blends commercial buildings, seaport, and a wide range of cultural landmarks. For travelers who would love to enjoy the sun and summer, this is an ideal destination. Shopping is one of the most enjoyable experiences in this city whether you go to Liberty Plaza or Majestic City for handicrafts and leather goods as there are enough opportunities to get bargaining prices. However, you cannot overlook the National Museum, Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple and the Independence Memorial Hall.

3. Maldives, Asia

One of the most popular destinations around the world, this location is ideal for honeymoon couples. You will come across more than thousand coral islands around Maldives that can be accessed by speedboats. This destination has some of the most luxurious resorts for those who prefer leisure trips to offbeat destinations. With temperature hovering around 31 degrees, it will be hot during the day and pleasant in evenings.

4. Giza, Egypt

Are you tired of visiting the same old tourist spots and looking for a different experience? Egypt symbolizes mysticism and beauty. The land of Pharaohs reflects different styles of architecture when you visit the pyramids that are located in Giza. Get an exceptional view of the city and the outlying areas from the bank of the River Nile. Do not forget to visit the temples that are dedicated to different gods such as Ramses and Nefertiti.

5. Peru, Lima

 Your much-awaited travel destination, traveling in Peru is cheap enough as you get some of the best airfare deals in the month of March. The legend of the Incan Civilization or Machu Pichu has much to offer to the tourists along with the city of Cusco.
Get with the flow of these top five international destinations and have a charming experience of spending a vacation with your family and friends.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

January – not perfect but just the right time to visit Australia

Unlike most of the countries of the world, Australia enjoys the peak of winter during July & August. Because of its location in Southern Hemisphere, when rest of the world is shivering with cold, Australia is taking a sun bath of summer. Aussie winter is, however, perhaps the most apt time to visit this scenic location because in summer, the temperature does rise up to an unbearable extent and along with the rain, the weather turns hot and humid.
January is a time when the summer is gone for good and the winter is setting in slowly. This is the time when one can not only enjoy the beaches or bask in the mild and melancholy sun, one will also be able to enjoy the slight chill in the air in the evening and during night outs. January is a time when most of Australia takes up a very vibrant outlook and presents a comfortable weather to shop, to sightsee and to party. 
Celebrations take a whole new meaning with the New Year’s party which continues throughout the first week of January. During the New Year’s celebration, the whole sky is filled with light from the fireworks and there is the air of celebrations all around. Also, it is during January that the Aussies celebrate the Australia Day. On January 26th, 1788 the First Fleet of 11 ships arrived from England to set up a colony in Australia and now this day is celebrated as the day when the foundation stone for this whole nation was laid.
January might be apt time to visit, but then again, it’s not the perfect. This adds to the cheap flight tickets and easy availability of hotels that one gets to enjoy as compared to the peak holiday season. All in all, January is just the right time to visit Australia whether it is shopping point of view or weather point of view or availability point of view.

Author Bio: She is a reader, writer, dreamer, a foodie and a big Australia Holidays. Travel through writing, read while traveling, the dream of travelling, and travel in dreams comprises a few of her favourite things.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Your Search for Warm Fireplaces in Europe Ends Here

Europe is the hotbed of fun during the Christmas holidays. Once that party-swing is over, then most of the people find it a little dull. The month of January is one such month, when people switch on the central heating plants or wrap them in blankets. It is a wrong notion that you cannot unleash yourself in the month of January as well. Here we are listing down some happening fireplaces of Europe that are all set to welcome you this January. 

Ignite the Twilight Romance in the Coffee Shops of Amsterdam 

Compare the rates of the packages in Amsterdam; it reaches the peak during the last few weeks of December, and touches a rocking ‘low’ during the second week of January. It is only a matter of seven days; every other thing is just the same in this city. Hiring a bike for “An Amsterdam Safari” is an expensive affair during the last three weeks of the year. However, the same bikes, on the less-crowded roads that come on an economic price, says it all about the details of this cost-effective and adventurous deal, and give you some reasons to visit Amsterdam in the off season.  

Increase the Calorie Count while the Cost of Traveling in Zurich Is Decreasing 

Mouth-watering Swiss chocolate; it is an icing to beat the winter of Zurich. The second week of January witnesses a kind of prologue to the fairy tale, which the last weeks of December had witnessed. Zurich holiday in the peak season is like “a luxury of the Richie rich”. You can enjoy the same sparkling lights of Christmas and feel the vibrating pulse of this warm city on a much affordable package during second and third weeks of January. So, go grab a package before it is too late. The number of wise tourists is increasing during this time with each passing day.

Off-season tourism is the buzzword these days, as more and more professions are beating the woes of seasonality. Last three weeks of January are the ideal “end of season sale” months for many industries, and tourism industry of these two cities is not an exception to this rule.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

5 must-do things in London

London is a city where spending a lifetime would not suffice anyone. If you are a globetrotter, then London should be the top of your travel list. There are endless things to do and countless places to visit in London. If you are a first-time visitor, then make sure that you make a list of things to do for an unforgettable lifetime experience. Here are some recommendations:
Sightseeing is something that one should not miss in London. There are so many awe inspiring beautiful places in London which would provoke you to stop and thank the Almighty for His amazing creativity! The early morning sceneries are something a photographer would enjoy capturing and cherish forever.
  Shopping, shopping and more shopping:

5 must-do things in London

If you are a shopaholic, then London is your dream destination. Don’t miss visiting the local street shops of London. There are so many places in London where one can shop for various accessories and stuffs that would be very trendy and exclusive. You can walk along the roads and enjoy the small shops that are tastefully lit and are colorful.

Nightlife and pubs:
London’s nightlife s highly acclaimed and should not be missed. It has a whole new vibe and the city never sleeps it seems. You will love grooving and partying in the famous pubs of London. 
 Shakespeare and the art theatre:
London is the home for most of the writers and their tales. Be it the Sherlock Holmes or the Charles Dickens stories, they all revolve around in London and its streets. One should never miss visiting the art theatre which stages Shakespeare’s plays even now every now and then.
Attraction for children:
If you have children, then this is the best place for them to enjoy. There are so many attractions that are especially designed for children.

She is a reader, writer, dreamer, a foodie and Trip to London. Travel through writing, read while traveling, the dream of travelling, and travel in dreams comprises a few of her favourite things.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Join This Never-Ending Music Party at the Sunburn Festival, Goa

Music and Dance are like the Spice for Life! Without these, life is kind of bland and boring!


                               Sunburn Festival, Goa

Feel the heat of the music, and sweat it out while dancing to the tunes of some music maestros of our times. Feel this burning sensation of funk & fun, and jive out your stress in this EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival in Vagator, Goa. It is a never-ending party to test your stamina, where DJ’s are all set to explode on the sun soaked beaches of “Party Eden, Goa.”

Ninth Rocking Year of Unleashing for the Hard-Core Party Souls  

Currently, the “Sunburn Festival of Goa” is rated as the biggest EDM festival that takes place in Asia. In the past, this event scored an attendance of more than 90000 party souls in its previous edition. More than 200 artists participated in a single event to produce 200 “Rocking & Rolling” hours full of heartwarming and foot-tapping numbers. International artists perform on multiple stages simultaneously, and create an electrical environment to justify the “party mood swings” of every party animal, here in Goa. 

Keywords like LPK, After Dark,Sunburn Anthem etc.,Set the Ball Rolling
The Sunburn Festival is not just an EDM festival; rather, it is theme-driven EDM festival. In the previous years’ themes like “LPK (Love passion and Karma)”, “After Dark” and “Sunburn anthem contest,” it added a new flavor into the proceedings this time and added this repeat value in the festival. You will feel as if you are a performer in the game, and not an ordinary visitor, cheering up the performers.

A Rainbow Crowd Is Waiting to Rub Shoulders with You 

Overall, 86000 people attended this festival in the year 2010. The 2015 event is going to beat this record for sure. It is an international festival where people from more than 42 countries have confirmed their participation by pre-booking of the tickets. It is the summit of a musical event, where you will feel an amazing confluence of an international crowd coming together to feel the bliss of this amazing religion called “Music and Dance.” 

Feed Your Shopaholic Instincts to the Level of Sinful Pleasures  

The flea market of the “Sunburn Festival, Goa” is an added attraction to the main event. More than 90 stalls are waiting for you to shop on. Shop for souvenirs, feel the taste of local cuisines, try your hands at the casual street fashion of Goa, and add this cosmopolitan touch to your casual style of dressing. 

Roll Your Foot Down and Change the Gears to Participate in the Fun Fiesta 

Fun activities like Rock climbing etc., are there. The Beach Volleyball courts too are always on the cards for you. You can soothe your senses and rejoin this four-day long party by visiting a spa or massage center present at the venue. It is a “musical recreation fun fest” in a league of its own. 

Deal with Viagogo and Feel like a VIP   

Viagogo, one of the world’s largest tickets selling platform is selling the tickets of this event on the internet. Pre-bookings for the event have already made it clear that, this year; it is going to be a much bigger festival that will entertain more international participants in the crowd. You can grab an entry ticket from the box office of the venue; however, if you wish to cut down some queues, then a ‘Viagogo ticket’ can function as a “passport of ease” in this “musical fun kingdom” for you.

Four days of music revelry to bid an adieu to the year 2015; this is how, you can make an entry in your date diary, when you book a ticket for the Goa’s Sunburn Festival. It will be a nimbus of music waiting for you to unleash it and set your “blotto moods” on the fire of fun. Music and casual aristocracy will fill in the emblazoned backdrops and give a hormonal rush to the party animal in you. 

Author Bio: A writer by profession and a traveller by heart, she has a huge bucket list of countless goa packages. With her writings, she helps fellow travellers by providing information about interesting places and locations both in India and abroad.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Convenient Tour Packages for Kerala Trip

Are you planning a holiday in Kerala? Every year, thousands of tourists head towards India’s most silent paradise seeking solace and to enjoy a peaceful holiday in the lap of nature. Verdant coastlines, silent backwaters, rich tea gardens and the smell of fresh-grown spices mixed with air, Kerala is a sliver of tropical paradise that has attracted tourists from all over the world. If you really want to enjoy your holidays in Kerala remember to visit the crowded streets of Kochi, a melting pot of Indian and colonial traditions or taste a Kerala’s favourite hill station, Kerala has so much to have happy holidays! 
 To make your travel experiences more memorable, nowadays travel and tour agency’s flood the market with their services. The most popular are package holidays, which are willingly chosen by families, newlywed couples and the young generation. With multitude advantages, package holidays make your trip more convenient and are pocket-friendly.
While booking with the travel agent for the holiday package, you will know with a reasonable degree of certainty what the total cost of the holiday will be. Your flights, accommodation, meals and entertainments are included in the price. Many travel agencies offers packages that facilities such as pools, restaurants, bars and activities such as rides and cruise, so you will not get bored during your trip. What is more, there are now a wide number of tour operators offering details to almost every corner of the world. You can spend whole your holidays peacefully without any problem. 

Purchasing a tour package also means peace of mind. As you already paid the amount for your trip, you should know what the cost will be in advance and the whole budget for your Kerala trip packages with greater certainty. With all the information you can enjoy a great quality of services during the vacation. The one of the best thing that will make you happier is the best customer services provided by the tour operators.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Wine & Dine at Luxurious Star Cruise Fleets, Offered by DPauls

Everyone dreams of having a lavish vacation on a cruise. Not only do cruise ride serve an excellent

Designed differently from others, each boat is unique and provides a wide array of facilities and activities for visitors to indulge in. Considering the comfort of the visitors, each boat is facilitated with restaurants, pools, gym, spas, lounges, karaoke rooms, library, games room, cinema, shopping and lot other facilities. Besides providing cruise deals, DPauls also offers holiday packages, India tour packages, international tour packages and other affordable packages, which help customers in exploring a number of beautiful and breathtaking destinations at much reduced rates.

Speaking more about their cruise deals, a representative from DPauls Travel and Tours Ltd stated, "DPauls offers exciting Star Cruise deals both for those who plan ahead of time for their vacation plans and those who leave it on the edge and take on the spot decisions. Save big with great discounts or grab exciting last minute deals for your Star Cruise vacation. Visit our Hot Deals Section for the latest Star Cruise Deals for online or offline booking. Seize the opportunity without tossing your head much, book star cruise online at dpauls.com and pack your bags for a fantastic holiday."

About DPauls Travel and Tours Ltd
DPauls is one of India's leading tour and travel companies offering holiday tours and honeymoon travel packages, sightseeing tours and transfers, hotels, cruises, flights and other travel related services. The Company started its operation in the year 1992 and since then has established a long list of satisfied customers and suppliers. The motto of the organization is "putting customers first" has positioned it as one of the premier travel companies of India.

For more information, please visit http://dpauls.com/

Contact Address:
B-36, Ground Floor, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar New Delhi-110017 | Phone: +91 11 66211111 (Delhi) | +91 22 40684444 (Mumbai) | Email: contactus@dpaulstravel.com
opportunity to explore serenity of deep seas and blue skies, it also provides a perfect destination for enjoying vacation with the loved ones. To assist individuals in making their dream come true, DPauls Travel and Tours Ltd is providing a fantastic option to wine and dine at the luxurious Star Cruises fleet in Asia. Despite planning vacation to any international destinations, individuals can now book budget cruise fleet from three classes of cruising that include the SuperStar Series, Star Series and the MegaStar Series.