Thursday, 18 February 2016

Top 5 International Holiday Destinations to Visit in March 

Are you waiting to pack your bag and go off on a jaunt? If you are keen to explore some of the international destinations, you have to find out the weather conditions as they differ in various regions across the globe. You can prefer to choose places that are located in the five continents but make sure that you have checked the weather thoroughly for making preparations accordingly. For an ardent and passionate traveler, weather is much less than an impediment when it comes to exploring new destinations in the month of March. Converting your dreams into reality can be the easiest thing once you enjoy these five luxurious travel destinations in different corners of the globe.

1. Barcelona, Spain

This is one of the most climate haven destinations for tourists as it is close to the sea and influenced by its presence. The annual average temperature of the city remains at 16 degrees Celsius and the tourists have always been effusive about the weather of this place which is located at the European subcontinent. The world famous museums and the pristine beaches in this city makes it an ideal destination that you can visit in the month of March as the weather is not too chilly or hot. While the calm waters of Concha Beach captivate your mind, the Ondaretta Beach is perfect for enjoying with family.

2. Colombo, Sri Lanka

The capital city of Sri Lanka blends commercial buildings, seaport, and a wide range of cultural landmarks. For travelers who would love to enjoy the sun and summer, this is an ideal destination. Shopping is one of the most enjoyable experiences in this city whether you go to Liberty Plaza or Majestic City for handicrafts and leather goods as there are enough opportunities to get bargaining prices. However, you cannot overlook the National Museum, Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple and the Independence Memorial Hall.

3. Maldives, Asia

One of the most popular destinations around the world, this location is ideal for honeymoon couples. You will come across more than thousand coral islands around Maldives that can be accessed by speedboats. This destination has some of the most luxurious resorts for those who prefer leisure trips to offbeat destinations. With temperature hovering around 31 degrees, it will be hot during the day and pleasant in evenings.

4. Giza, Egypt

Are you tired of visiting the same old tourist spots and looking for a different experience? Egypt symbolizes mysticism and beauty. The land of Pharaohs reflects different styles of architecture when you visit the pyramids that are located in Giza. Get an exceptional view of the city and the outlying areas from the bank of the River Nile. Do not forget to visit the temples that are dedicated to different gods such as Ramses and Nefertiti.

5. Peru, Lima

 Your much-awaited travel destination, traveling in Peru is cheap enough as you get some of the best airfare deals in the month of March. The legend of the Incan Civilization or Machu Pichu has much to offer to the tourists along with the city of Cusco.
Get with the flow of these top five international destinations and have a charming experience of spending a vacation with your family and friends.


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