Thursday, 29 May 2014

How to Pack Light for a Trip to Thailand

Thailand is the dream destination of travellers all over the world. Calling out to the sun, sand and surf enthusiasts, the coastal paradise embraces unbridled adventure, luxury, culture, cuisine, scenic views and spirituality. It’s difficult to stay away from this exotic locale when you live in a neighbouring country like India. Extending a wholesome vacation at a pocket-friendly budget, this splendid location has something for every age group.

If you have made plans to visit the country in the near future, then you also need to know how to travel smart. To avoid tugging along heavy baggage and wasting time waiting for luggage claim at the airport, we bring you some tips on packing light especially for a trip to Thailand.

Before you start packing you should know that the region is quite hot, so clothes with thick material or polyester fabric are a big no. Also there is no dress code to be followed, as the country thrives on foreign tourists who dress up as they want. However, if you are visiting a temple, it is advisable that you cover up your knees and shoulders. Women can wear long skirts or pants and have a stole to cover up the shoulders, while men have to stick to the good old trousers and shirts.

Packing smart involves picking up required clothes and accessories for each activity according to the number of days on hand. Do not overstuff your bags or leave things to imagination. Be prepared and well-equipped to manage each possibility as per your itinerary.  So gear up for an awesome holiday with this little guide.

Men’s essentials

1. Stay away from jeans as the warm and humid weather will lead to sweating. Pack cotton trousers for touring the city museums and temples.

2. Knee length shorts or three-fourths are ideal for the beaches. Don’t forget to pack your swimming trunks to take a plunge in the glistening waters.

3. Team these bottoms with polo t-shirts and linen shirts for a breezy look.

4. Beat the heat with sandals and flip flops as your choice of footwear. Do take your formal shoes if you plan to go on a fine-dining spree. 

5. Take two pyjamas to sleep comfy in your hotel bed.

6. It is also necessary to carry a hat or cap to avoid sun burn.

Women’s requisites   

1. Again, your favourite denims should not find a place in the suitcase. Make space for other clothes like capri pants, jumpsuits, dresses and skirts for roaming in the city. Make sure that these apparels are in pastel shades and made from cotton or linen to absorb minimum heat and keep you cool and fresh all day long.

2. Team these bottoms with cotton t-shirts, tank tops and short kurtis. Keep a stole handy in case you need to cover up in the scorching sun or hide yourself amidst a heavy downpour. 

3.Since Thai massage is famous all over the world, you surely cannot miss it here. So do pack your yoga pants or leggings to pamper yourself a little.

4. Of course pack your swim wear, along with sarongs, to cover up as soon as you leave the water to avoid tanning. You can also add a hat or scarf to cover the head.

5. Pack not more than two pairs of nighties as it can be repeated and washed easily. 

6. Flip-flops and crocs are best suited for the weather and long walks. Also you will need a nice pair of sandals for visiting nightclubs.

Other necessities:

1. Carry an umbrella and a light jacket if you are travelling during the rainy season.

2. Sunscreen is a must along with other toiletries and necessary medication.

3. Do pack towels, sunglasses and mobile phone chargers.

4. Keep all travel documents like passport, tickets and itineraries in one folder to avoid frisking of the entire luggage each time you need something.

Pack light as you can buy some clothes in this mecca of shopping. Keep ample space for souvenirs and gifts for family and friends back home. Forget about carrying laptops as you would hardly use them; your smartphones would suffice for the use of internet. So just grab your bags and fill in these essentials for a wonderful vacation in Thailand.   


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