Monday, 21 December 2015

Join This Never-Ending Music Party at the Sunburn Festival, Goa

Music and Dance are like the Spice for Life! Without these, life is kind of bland and boring!


                               Sunburn Festival, Goa

Feel the heat of the music, and sweat it out while dancing to the tunes of some music maestros of our times. Feel this burning sensation of funk & fun, and jive out your stress in this EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival in Vagator, Goa. It is a never-ending party to test your stamina, where DJ’s are all set to explode on the sun soaked beaches of “Party Eden, Goa.”

Ninth Rocking Year of Unleashing for the Hard-Core Party Souls  

Currently, the “Sunburn Festival of Goa” is rated as the biggest EDM festival that takes place in Asia. In the past, this event scored an attendance of more than 90000 party souls in its previous edition. More than 200 artists participated in a single event to produce 200 “Rocking & Rolling” hours full of heartwarming and foot-tapping numbers. International artists perform on multiple stages simultaneously, and create an electrical environment to justify the “party mood swings” of every party animal, here in Goa. 

Keywords like LPK, After Dark,Sunburn Anthem etc.,Set the Ball Rolling
The Sunburn Festival is not just an EDM festival; rather, it is theme-driven EDM festival. In the previous years’ themes like “LPK (Love passion and Karma)”, “After Dark” and “Sunburn anthem contest,” it added a new flavor into the proceedings this time and added this repeat value in the festival. You will feel as if you are a performer in the game, and not an ordinary visitor, cheering up the performers.

A Rainbow Crowd Is Waiting to Rub Shoulders with You 

Overall, 86000 people attended this festival in the year 2010. The 2015 event is going to beat this record for sure. It is an international festival where people from more than 42 countries have confirmed their participation by pre-booking of the tickets. It is the summit of a musical event, where you will feel an amazing confluence of an international crowd coming together to feel the bliss of this amazing religion called “Music and Dance.” 

Feed Your Shopaholic Instincts to the Level of Sinful Pleasures  

The flea market of the “Sunburn Festival, Goa” is an added attraction to the main event. More than 90 stalls are waiting for you to shop on. Shop for souvenirs, feel the taste of local cuisines, try your hands at the casual street fashion of Goa, and add this cosmopolitan touch to your casual style of dressing. 

Roll Your Foot Down and Change the Gears to Participate in the Fun Fiesta 

Fun activities like Rock climbing etc., are there. The Beach Volleyball courts too are always on the cards for you. You can soothe your senses and rejoin this four-day long party by visiting a spa or massage center present at the venue. It is a “musical recreation fun fest” in a league of its own. 

Deal with Viagogo and Feel like a VIP   

Viagogo, one of the world’s largest tickets selling platform is selling the tickets of this event on the internet. Pre-bookings for the event have already made it clear that, this year; it is going to be a much bigger festival that will entertain more international participants in the crowd. You can grab an entry ticket from the box office of the venue; however, if you wish to cut down some queues, then a ‘Viagogo ticket’ can function as a “passport of ease” in this “musical fun kingdom” for you.

Four days of music revelry to bid an adieu to the year 2015; this is how, you can make an entry in your date diary, when you book a ticket for the Goa’s Sunburn Festival. It will be a nimbus of music waiting for you to unleash it and set your “blotto moods” on the fire of fun. Music and casual aristocracy will fill in the emblazoned backdrops and give a hormonal rush to the party animal in you. 

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