Thursday, 14 January 2016

January – not perfect but just the right time to visit Australia

Unlike most of the countries of the world, Australia enjoys the peak of winter during July & August. Because of its location in Southern Hemisphere, when rest of the world is shivering with cold, Australia is taking a sun bath of summer. Aussie winter is, however, perhaps the most apt time to visit this scenic location because in summer, the temperature does rise up to an unbearable extent and along with the rain, the weather turns hot and humid.
January is a time when the summer is gone for good and the winter is setting in slowly. This is the time when one can not only enjoy the beaches or bask in the mild and melancholy sun, one will also be able to enjoy the slight chill in the air in the evening and during night outs. January is a time when most of Australia takes up a very vibrant outlook and presents a comfortable weather to shop, to sightsee and to party. 
Celebrations take a whole new meaning with the New Year’s party which continues throughout the first week of January. During the New Year’s celebration, the whole sky is filled with light from the fireworks and there is the air of celebrations all around. Also, it is during January that the Aussies celebrate the Australia Day. On January 26th, 1788 the First Fleet of 11 ships arrived from England to set up a colony in Australia and now this day is celebrated as the day when the foundation stone for this whole nation was laid.
January might be apt time to visit, but then again, it’s not the perfect. This adds to the cheap flight tickets and easy availability of hotels that one gets to enjoy as compared to the peak holiday season. All in all, January is just the right time to visit Australia whether it is shopping point of view or weather point of view or availability point of view.

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