Sunday, 10 January 2016

Your Search for Warm Fireplaces in Europe Ends Here

Europe is the hotbed of fun during the Christmas holidays. Once that party-swing is over, then most of the people find it a little dull. The month of January is one such month, when people switch on the central heating plants or wrap them in blankets. It is a wrong notion that you cannot unleash yourself in the month of January as well. Here we are listing down some happening fireplaces of Europe that are all set to welcome you this January. 

Ignite the Twilight Romance in the Coffee Shops of Amsterdam 

Compare the rates of the packages in Amsterdam; it reaches the peak during the last few weeks of December, and touches a rocking ‘low’ during the second week of January. It is only a matter of seven days; every other thing is just the same in this city. Hiring a bike for “An Amsterdam Safari” is an expensive affair during the last three weeks of the year. However, the same bikes, on the less-crowded roads that come on an economic price, says it all about the details of this cost-effective and adventurous deal, and give you some reasons to visit Amsterdam in the off season.  

Increase the Calorie Count while the Cost of Traveling in Zurich Is Decreasing 

Mouth-watering Swiss chocolate; it is an icing to beat the winter of Zurich. The second week of January witnesses a kind of prologue to the fairy tale, which the last weeks of December had witnessed. Zurich holiday in the peak season is like “a luxury of the Richie rich”. You can enjoy the same sparkling lights of Christmas and feel the vibrating pulse of this warm city on a much affordable package during second and third weeks of January. So, go grab a package before it is too late. The number of wise tourists is increasing during this time with each passing day.

Off-season tourism is the buzzword these days, as more and more professions are beating the woes of seasonality. Last three weeks of January are the ideal “end of season sale” months for many industries, and tourism industry of these two cities is not an exception to this rule.


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